Programme Doctoral Consortium

We are happy to present the programme of the Doctoral Consortium that takes place on Monday 16 September. You can find it here.

Doctoral Consortium

The EC-TEL Doctoral Consortium brings together Ph.D. candidates working on topics related to Technology Enhanced Learning providing them an exceptional opportunity to present, discuss, and receive feedback on their research in an interdisciplinary and international atmosphere. Prominent professors and researchers in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning will provide formative feedback to the selected papers through the review process and contribute actively to discussions at the workshop. The Doctoral Consortium will take place 16th of September, just before the EC-TEL 2019 conference.

The intention of this doctoral consortium is to support and inspire Ph.D. candidates during their ongoing research efforts. Therefore, it is necessary that participants will have neither achieved their Ph.D. degree nor officially submitted their thesis before the doctoral consortium (September 2019). Therefore, the participants need to disclose their expected graduation date and their advisor's name when submitting.

The ECTEL Doctoral Consortium 2019 has now two submission deadlines:

  • 20 May 2019 for advanced Ph.D. candidates, who seek indepth feedback from the ECTEL Doctoral Consortium Board
  • 17 June 2019 for early stage Ph.D. Candidates, who want to receive methodological and conceptual feedback on their research ideas.

Interested Ph.D. candidates are requested to upload their submissions to

Eligible submissions to EC-TEL Doctoral Consortium need to address the following elements:

  • A clear formulation of the research question.
  • An identification of the significant problems in the field of research within the TEL domain.
  • An outline of the current knowledge of the problem domain, as well as the state of existing solutions.
  • A presentation of any preliminary ideas, the proposed approach and the results achieved so far.
  • A sketch of the applied research methodology.
  • A description of the Ph.D. project's contribution to the problem solution in the TEL domain.
  • A discussion of how the suggested solution is different, new, or better as compared to existing approaches to the problem.

The maximum length of DC submissions is 6 pages. Candidates are kindly requested to make use of the supplied Springer template:

Additionally, submissions need to include a separate sheet (1 page) based on the ECTEL Doctoral Candidate confirmation form. This form needs to be signed by the supervisor of the candidate. The form is available at the following link:

All submissions will be reviewed after acceptance by at least two senior researchers and one of the other accepted doctoral candidates. Additionally, two discussants, members of the doctoral consortium committee, will be appointed to each paper. Discussant comments will be followed by a plenary discussion of the paper. At the end of the consortium there will be a general discussion, including a brainstorming session about current and future research topics in the area.

Accepted candidates should prepare:

Early stage candidates:

  • An introductory pitch about themselves and their Ph.D. project for the introductory session. Duration: max. 5 minutes

Advanced Ph.D. candidates:

  • A 15-minute presentation of their Ph.D. project to be used for introducing discussion about their project and its main issues during the small group sessions.
  • 10-minute question-answer based on the feedback from the reviews

Publication and presentation

All accepted submissions are also invited to prepare a poster about their Ph.D. for the EC-TEL 2019 poster session.

The accepted submissions to the Doctoral Consortium will be published in CEUR Workshop proceedings: The participants have the opportunity to improve their submission based on the feedback they received from the reviews and during the Doctoral Consortium.

Submissions should be uploaded to:

Important dates:

  • 20 May 2019 - Doctoral Consortium advanced Ph.D. candidate application deadline
  • 14 June 2019 - Doctoral Consortium advanced Ph.D. candidate acceptance notification
  • 17 June 2019 - Doctoral Consortium early stage Ph.D. candidate application deadline
  • 1 July 2019 - Doctoral Consortium early stage Ph.D. candidate acceptance notification
  • 29 July 2019 - Doctoral Consortium reviews
  • 16 September 2019 - Doctoral Consortium
  • 1 December 2019 - Camera ready version of the improved submission

Further information will become available at the Doctoral Consortium section of the EC-TEL 2019 Website.

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