Conference Hotels

In and around Delft there are plenty nice hotels. We made arrangements with the best hotels in Delft. Please note that September will be a busy month, so be sure to book your accommodation on time!

Hotel Westcord, Olof Palmestraat 2, 2616 LM Delft
M: delft(at); W:
10% Discount, Reservation directly via
No code needed

Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre, Koepoortplaats 3, 2612 RR Delft
M: info(at); W:
Comfort room €110,50, Reservation directly via: reserveringen(at)
Mention the code ECTEL 2019

Hotel De Plataan, Doelenplein 10, 2611 BP Delft
M: info(at) W:
10% Discount, Reservation directly via info(at)
Mention the code ECTEL2019

Hotel Johannes Vermeer, Molslaan 18, 2611 RM Delft
M: info(at); W:
Standard room €106,40, Reservation directly via info(at)
Mention the code ECTEL2019

Best Western Plus Grand Winston, Generaal Eisenhowerplein 1, 2288 AE Rijswijk
Standard room € 115,00, Comfort  room € 125,00; Reservations directly
Mention the code ECTEL2019

Please note:

  • All reservations should be made directly through the hotel
  • Room rates including breakfast
  • Tourist Taxes 2,95 per person per night not included in room rates
  • More info about these and other hotels in Delft

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