EC-TEL 2021 - Call for bids

As the calls for conference organisation have a two-years-in advance rhythm, EATEL has now opened the call for bids to host EC-TEL 2021!

Interested organisations should submit their bid to klamma(at)
Each bid should contain the following information:

Why should EC-TEL’21 be hosted in the proposed location?

              • Background on the city / location

              • Background on the organising group

              • Short bio of local organisers

Conference Organization

              • Suggested conference date

              • Suggested conference venue and facilities

              • Traveling to/from/in the proposed location (incl. some price information)

              • Lodging/Hotels (incl. some price information)

              • Suggestion for the special event / conference dinner

              • Tentative Budget, including suggested registration fees

National organisations are encouraged to express their interest to co-locate their annual meetings with EC-TEL.

Host Organisation

Centre for Education and Learning

Supporting Organisations

Delft University of TechnologyErasmus Universiteit RotterdamUniversiteit LeidenDIPF Bildungsforschung und BildungsinformationInstitut JOŽEFA STEFANKing's College LondonKnow Center TU GrazOpen UniversiteitTallinn UniversityTU GrazUniversité Toulouse III Paul Sabatierhttc e.V.


European Association On Technology Enhanced Learning



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